Accelerator Mass Spectrometers

Amplifier : Charge, Current, Voltage

Chemical Weapons and Nuclide Identification systems

Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometers

Contact Angle analyzers

Cryocoolers (Close loop Helium flow through cryostats)

Cryostats : Flow through, Closed loop = Helium 3 and Helium 4

Dip coaters

Electrochemical Analyzers

Faked Document Identification systems

Ferro Magnetic and Piazo electric Analyzers

Film Thickness measurements : Ellipsometry, Reflectance

Fluorescence spectroscopy : Steady-state and time resolved

Force Tensiometer

Fuelcell analyzers

High Power Laser diodes

High Speed cameras

High vacuum/ Ultra high vacuum deposition systems

Homeland Security

Hyperspectral Imaging cameras and systems

Imaging sytems and anlyzers

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers

Laser Cleaning systems

Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometers Stop-Flow Spectrometers

Laser Forensic Light sources

Laser Marking systems

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) systems

Laser Induced Fluorescense (LIF) systems

Lasers : Pulsed & CW / Diode pumped solid state, Gas, YAG, Fiber

Licand tracers

Liquid Nitrogen/Helium plants

Lock-in amplifiers

Microscope heating and cooling stages

Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR)

Neutron detection systems

Nuclear monitoring systems

Optical components and Optomechanics

Optical Table

Particle counter and analyzers

Powder Flow analyzers

Peristaltic, isocratic and syringe pumps

Photoluminescence spectroscopy : Steady-state and time resolved

QCM-D analyzers

Radiation Detectors

Raman Spectroscopy

Scanning Kelvin Probes 

Scientific Cameras

Stand-off detection systems for chemical and nuclear monitoring

Stopped-Flow spectrometers

Streak Cameras

Superconducting magnets

Surface Photovoltage probes

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi)

Transformer Oil analyzer

Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectometers

Ultrafast Imaging systems (Framing cameras)

Ultrafast Lasers

UV / DUV lasers

X-Ray Fluorescence analyzers : Energy Dispersive / Wavelengh Dispersive (EDXRF / WDXRF)