Biology & Lifescience

Complex and elaborate mechanisms of life phenomena that organisms perform are clarified through science and technology. Below some are example of applications on bio/life science.

Multi parametric Surface Plasmon Resonanace



        Biomimetic layer

        Bio sensor development

        Gas sensor development

        Monitoring of drug release kinetics from thin polymer films

                                                                                                        Three-Dimensional Lipid Vesicle Matrix

Quadrtz Crystal Microbalance With dissipation monitoring


         Binding Mechanism

         Bio sensor

         Biomolecular adlayers and interactions

         Cellulose nanofibrils—adsorption with poly(amideamine) epichlorohydrin study

         Large area nanopatterns of functional proteins

         Polyelectrolyte Adsorption Studies

         Protein adsorption on the membrane surface



Open Surface Plasmon Resonance


         Binding Mechanism

         Bio sensor

         Structural Studies

         Study on neuroprotective effect